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With each booking, offset your CO2 emissions at no additional cost

The hotel industry accounts for 21% of international tourism C02 emissions which are estimated at 5% of the world’s total. On average, you emit more than 20 kg CO2 for each night you stay in a hotel. GreenHotelWorld aims to bring this down to zero! Because you do not want to pay extra for offsetting your CO2, book with GreenHotelWorld and we offset your CO2 emissions at no additional cost.

Book more than 130,000 hotels with low price guarantee

Worried about not getting the best price for your hotel? GreenHotelWorld offers a low price guarantee for more than 130,000 hotels through our partnership with Expedia. Our hotel collection will soon include more than 400,000 hotels. Book with us and find all available green hotels for your travels.

Stay in hotels with certified green practices

Are you tired of searching many hotel booking websites to find truly green hotels? At GreenHotelWorld, we do this for you and we won’t stop until we have them all!To make your search even more successful, we have built a green rating algorithm listing the green hotels based on their certified green practices. Let us know how you like it!


Robert | Co-Founder | Product Development and Operations

GreenHotelWorld RobertRobert started his career in 2000 working part-time (4.5 years) for a small internet startup in the Netherlands. This was in the middle of the internet bubble and a great way to grow his product development and IT skills next to his Master in Business Administration. After graduating in Business Information Management, his entrepreneurial spirit did not yet announce itself, so he chose a career in the financial services and consultancy industry. Ten years later as Senior Manager IT advisory for a large consultancy company in Switzerland, Robert had travelled the world during his leave of absence, lived and worked in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe, married his dream girl and invested his money in sustainable funds and green entrepreneurs. There was only one thing lacking. Robert wanted to go back to his roots and run an internet company focused on proving that a business model based on both sustainability and profitability, positively affects the bottom line. GreenHotelWorld was born. Next to representing the company in his role as co-founder, Robert takes responsibility of product development, operations and IT.


Willem | Co-Founder | Marketing, Business Development and Partnerships

GreenHotelWorld WillemWillem started his entrepreneurial career in his highschool years in the mid-90s, working as a freelance gardener in a rural area in the Netherlands. During his student years at Erasmus University in Rotterdam he felt the urge to travel the world, doing exchange projects in South Korea, Hungary and Russia. After graduating he livedabroad in France where he worked for Amadeus, the global travel distribution system. The entrepreneurial spirit remained and urged him to come back to Holland. After his return, Willem founded his online marketing agency Expand Online in 2008. Expand Online is a Dutch market leader in online advertising and web analytics, and a winner of the Deloitte Fast50 and FD Gazelle Award as the 2nd fastest growing company in the Netherlands. Willem loves the internet, sustainability and traveling and therefore together with Robert came up with the idea of GreenHotelWorld. He passionately believes that green traveling should become the new status quo. Within GreenHotelWorld Willem is responsible for marketing, business development and partnerships.


Jonas | Technology and Development

GreenHotelWorld-JonasJonas’ passion for computers and the internet started at high school. His entrepreneurial career also started at that time when he founded with his neighbor/friend a web development company. Rourets.com is still going strong 16 years later! Jonas loved studying computer science at the Universitiat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC) but after 4 years he wanted to travel and meet other cultures. One year Erasmus program in Newcastle University was a big life changer for him. He fell in love with the international lifestyle and he got the opportunity to do an internship in Amadeus Nice, France, where he met Willem. Jonas moved to Amadeus London after his internship completing his international experience. Jonas came back home to Barcelona to join a semiconductors startup founded by a professor of the UPC. Jonas brings the computer science knowledge to the team and he is in charge of new developments we have in our technology roadmap. The idea of contributing to a more sustainable travel industry by rewarding hotels that care about ecology got him at first sight. Thank you for booking through us and contributing to a green travel industry.

Happy green travelling! Robert, Willem & Jonas