Why Should Brand Pay Attention To Instagram Analytics?

Instagram is a platform full of Millennials and Gen Z audience. Many brands and businesses using the Instagram platform to engage with their audience. They measure the engagement with the number of likes and by the growth of their followers. But, have you ever checked your performance data on the analytics? If not, it’s the right time to begin using Instagram Analytics.

Instagram is a platform with over 1 billion active users. To keep on track with what’s working on the platform, you’ll need to get the help of Instagram Analytics. It helps you to enhance your brand on the highly populated platform. It also makes you understand the overall strategy of Instagram marketing. In this article, we will discuss why the brands or businesses need to consider Instagram Analytics.

Why Do Brands Need To Employ Instagram Analytics?

According to a study on Instagram, there are more than 25 million business profiles around the world. By another study, more than 200 million users are daily visiting at least one of these business profiles. It depicts how businesses are getting value from the platform and the importance of flymesocial. Hence you will need to use Instagram Analytics to measure the overall performance of your brand’s profile on Instagram. On the other hand, if you are not checking the data on Instagram Analytics, you will end up:

  • Targeting an irrelevant audience
  • Posting non-engaging content
  • Posting at irregular timings
  • Driving inappropriate audience to your website
  • Losing engagement in your comments and stories
  • Neglecting valuable mentions leading to any future partnership

On the whole, if you use Instagram without checking out the Analytics data, your brand will be pointless on the platform. These data will help you to improve your methods to enhance your brand on Instagram. 

What Data Can The Brand Determine From Instagram Analytics?

Through Instagram Analytics, you can get to know about the performance of your profile, audience, posts, and even stories. Let’s get to know in detail the various data that we gain from Instagram Analytics.

1. Instagram Profile Analytics

On the Instagram profile analytics page, you will get to know your profile’s insights for a week. On this page, you can measure the overall performance of your profile. Here, you get to access the data such as impressions, reach, interactions, mentions, profile visits, website clicks, and call or email clicks. The Instagram impressions and interactions show the entire performance of your profile. The profile clicks, website clicks, and call/email clicks represent the number of clicks on your profile, website link, or call/email button. The reach section shows your brand’s reach on Instagram. On the whole, using analytics, you can measure all the activities or performance of your profile.

2. Instagram Audience Analytics

It is vital to analyze if the interacting audience is similar to that of your target audience. In Instagram Analytics, there is a particular section provided to understand your audience. In that section, the factors that all brands and businesses need to notice are top locations, age range, gender, follower hours, and follower days. In the top-location and age range, you will get to know about the location and age groups of your followers. Whereas the follower hours and days refer to the active hours and days. Thus, you can fix your perfect target audience.

3. Instagram Post Analytics

Once you are targeting the right audience, you will have to check on the performance of your posts. On the post analytics page, you will get to know statistics such as interactions, follows, reach, impressions, comments on your posts. From these features, you will get to know about the entire performance of your content on Instagram. You will also get to know if any user who doesn’t follow you, sees the post on the discovery section. You will also get to know if anyone saves your brand’s content. Using this data, you understand what type of posts work the best.

4. Instagram Stories Analytics

Stories are essential in the Instagram platform. It helps your brand to grow in popularity. If your Instagram stories get more interaction with free Instagram likes, you can track statistics such as impressions, reach, exits, replies, and people insights. The exits section indicates if any user exits the story in the middle. The people insights section shows the accounts who saw any particular component of your story. Using these data, you will get to how your stories are working.


Instagram analytics is beneficial to have an update of your brand’s profile. So, make use of Instagram analytics to figure out what works best for engaging with your target audience.

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